About Us

BDA Lighting Group is a specification grade lighting agency known throughout the industry for its passion for lighting applications, dedication and service excellence. With over 30 years of service, BDA is one of the leading lighting and controls manufacturer representatives in the Ottawa region providing lighting design solutions for commercial, architectural, industrial, institutional and outdoor applications.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to any building and is often overlooked during the design process. BDA is dedicated to providing design assistance including lighting calculations, specifications, controls strategies and design guidelines ensuring clients are provided with quality lighting design solutions.

As the advancement in LED lighting technology continues to blossom and the demand for energy efficient lighting and controls increases, lighting design practices become increasingly challenging. The team at BDA lighting group continuously strives to develop and maintain a strong aptitude for lighting and controls to ensure we can provide our clients with solutions to unique problems.

Teamwork is top priority in the BDA office. A professionally relaxed work environment allows the team at BDA to brainstorm, talk about new technology advancements and discuss ways to improve internal processes. We at BDA Lighting Group believe that all relationships are built on trust. This belief is the fundamental principle within our organization and something the BDA team takes the utmost pride in.

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