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3D Printing Create and personalize your decorative or functional lighting using our intuitive online configurator. By selecting the type, color, opacity, and texture, you have the power to shape a distinct identity, resulting in an unparalleled customer experience.
Advance Advance has a long standing tradition of being the name in quality and reliable lighting components. With drivers, modules, and ballasts all under the same brand, Advance offers the latest in lighting innovations to give you the features you are looking for. We invite you to learn more about what sets us apart and why we continue to be a leader in lighting components.
Alkco A broad range of UV-C germicidal luminaires
Altman A pioneer in the entertainment, architectural, and theatrical lighting industry, Altman Lighting is a dedicated group of fabricators, designers, software developers, engineers, project managers & sales colleagues. Engaged fully with the entertainment and architectural lighting sectors, our products provide flexible tools for the modern lighting designer.
ALW ALW manufactures beautifully designed, comprehensive architectural lighting solutions. Our vision is to Illuminate the Soul™ with our innovative and highly configurable designs, translating your raw vision to dazzling reality while providing you with a world-class customer experience.
Armada At Armada, security in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors is our business, and when it comes to protecting your electrical and electronic investments, you can rely on our expertise.
Artemide A global pioneer in lighting design since 1959, blending technology, research, and human connection. Renowned for collaborations with leading architects and designers like Zaha Hadid, David Chipperfield, and more.
Astro Since 1997, our Founders John Fearon and James Bassant, have shared a passion for British lighting design and a vision to create products with distinctive quality. Obsessive over the details, we refine elements others may overlook, challenging ourselves so we get it just right.
Barbican Barbican Architectural Products Ltd. is a privately held Canadian company that incorporated in 1990 In the past 30 years we’ve developed a broad range of capabilities to produce some of the highest quality architectural lighting products on the market. Located in Fort Erie, Ontario, our manufacturing facilities of nearly 100,000 square feet offer ‘in house’ production of both decorative and high-performance lighting products. We offer specialized laminated fabric fixtures, which provide tremendous durability and allow for easy cleaning. Full production capability allows for a broad scope of customization.
Birchwood Since 1993, Birchwood Lighting has designed and manufactured high-quality specification grade light fixtures tailored to meet the demands of the architectural, commercial and retail design communities. Birchwood Lighting is now part of the Leviton Lighting Business Unit.
Blackjack Blackjack Lighting’s award-winning designs are specified by interior designers and architects. They cross residential and commercial installations. Commercial applications include custom marquis entrance ways and restaurants that deploy pendants with etched designs and/or color changing technology for remarkable effects.
Bodine Bodine designs and manufactures innovative emergency lighting solutions designed to meet your application needs. Products include emergency LED drivers, fluorescent emergency ballasts, emergency lighting inverters and generator-compatible devices.
BrightSites BrightSites by Signify, offers innovative and aesthetical smart pole solutions with concealed 4G/5G connectivity and IoT applications for smarter cities.
BubblyNet BubblyNet is creating a bubble of your ideal environment, while creating a network of bubbles so everyone is in harmony with what they need and want. The idea behind the technology is not to alter your perception of reality, but to change reality itself to create the perfect environment that is a catalyst for new ideas, higher levels of productivity, and greater achievements.
CertoLux Certolux luminaires specialize in Medical, Cleanroom, Vandal Resistant and Spray Booth applications that are extremely durable and built to withstand harsh environments. Our Medical luminaires are engineered for areas with many stringent requirements and fill multiple roles, like a combination of ambient and exam lighting. Cleanroom luminaires are designed to preserve air seals, prevent leakage of contaminants, and allow for easy maintenance. Vandal resistant luminaires incorporate several features that are suited for security facilities that endure abuse and tampering.
Color Kinetics Color Kinetics delivers a wide range of high-performance professional LED lighting systems — empowering lighting professionals around the world to achieve their unique visions.
ConTech At ConTech Lighting, we believe that lighting can be energy efficient, while providing high-quality performance and outstanding aesthetic design. With the latest technology and correct application, it is possible to cut energy costs and improve lighting quality to increase the productivity of your space; we call this EcoTechnology. This mission of EcoTechnology applies to our products as well as our daily operations; from materials, manufacturing and transportation, to the disposal process for our products and by-products
Crestron Crestron creates world-class commercial lighting control solutions that utilize leading-edge technology for scalable, reliable lighting control.
Dainolite In 1987, Dainolite’s founder was working in the lighting industry. His experience working for other companies made him realize that there was a serious lack of quality, reliability and affordability in the lighting industry.
Day-Brite CFI Affordable and energy efficient stand-alone and connected lighting solutions for general purpose commercial or industrial projects.
Dynalite Any project, any light. Building on 30 years of success, we continue to develop the world’s most advanced lighting control systems, empowering smart buildings across the globe. Our portfolio of intelligent networked devices and proven technologies can take on any indoor application, at any scale, tailored to meet your requirements. Philips Dynalite helps you to transform environments and enhance people’s lives.
Electec Electec is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of building wiring and cabling systems. We offer simple, safe, reliable and economical alternatives covering a wide variety of commercial, institutional and industrial wiring.
Eurofase For the past 30 years, showrooms, designers, and architects have relied on Eurofase Lighting as their go-to brand for providing a diverse selection of high-quality innovative lighting. Statement Chandeliers, alluring Pendants, contemporary Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount Lights, Vanity & Bath Lights, Track and Recessed lighting, Exterior fixtures, Cabinet and Display Lighting plus LED mirrors to name a few; for both residential and commercial applications.
Fase 1 For the past 30 years, showrooms, designers, and architects have relied on Fase1 Lighting as their go-to brand for providing a diverse selection of high-quality innovative lighting. Statement Chandeliers, alluring Pendants, contemporary Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount Lights, Vanity & Bath Lights, Track and Recessed lighting, Exterior fixtures, Cabinet and Display Lighting plus LED mirrors to name a few; for both residential and commercial applications.
Feelux Feelux Canada is proud to deliver world class lighting systems throughout Canada. Based in Markham, just outside of Toronto Ontario Canada, we are equipped with offices and warehouse to serve your needs. Our products feature the latest LED technology within our fixtures and LED Drivers.
First Light Our mission is to make outdoor spaces better for people. To make solar lighting the first choice for outdoor lighting, we work relentlessly to improve the performance, design and simplicity of our lights so that they are the most cost effective, easy to install, stylish, robust and reliable option.
Fluxwerx Fluxwerx was formed in 2011 to deviate from the expected with a trajectory unconstrained by legacy products and limits on imagination.
Folio Folio, Cifralluminio’s brand born in 2009, is developed starting from the expertise of a team that has been supporting advertising communication professionals for thirty years and offers the customer personalized solitions of inimitable quality.
Gardco Architecturally relevant, configurable and functional energy saving lighting solutions that enhance and complement outdoor spaces.
Genlyte Solutions Genlyte Solutions is a collection of industry-leading luminaire brands within Signify North America. These brands include Lightolier, Day-Brite, Ledalite, Lumec, Hadco, Gardco, Stonco, Chloride and Alkco. Our wide range of indoor and outdoor connected lighting products and solutions are designed to support a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications.
Glint Lighting At Glint, our mission is to help you beautifully illuminate spaces for improved well-being, while consuming a minimum of space and resources. Our products disappear into the architecture to provide exceptional light utilization and visual comfort, never drawing undue attention to themselves.
Griven GRIVEN comprehensive catalog of outdoor and indoor LED luminaires has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the most renowned lighting designers and architects the world over.
Hadco Landscape and outdoor lighting solutions to suit any commercial or residential project which requires curb appeal and a sense of security.
Hazlux Hazardous lighting fixtures play a huge role in the safety, productivity and efficiency of any industrial facility. In addition to providing light, fixtures for these industries must address the unique challenges of hazardous environments.
HCI “HCI” stands for “Heritage Casting & Ironworks, Ltd.” Our goal from the very beginning was to offer a coordinated line of popular traditional and contemporary lighting and site improvement products, which would stand up under various harsh weather conditions for many years to come.
Healthwerx Our holistic approach centers around a human-centric integrated lighting system, comprising four key strategies: lighting for healing, psychological comfort, circadian optimization, and staff performance. This approach champions eight essential concepts for healthcare lighting design, seamlessly blending with modern architecture. Healthwerx is founded on rigorous research, specifier expertise, and input from healthcare professionals.
Hemera Vincent Dion, a graduate in Industrial Design, founded the company in 1992 alongside his partner Monica Brunet. His objective was to design and manufacture a superior line of Canadian lighting products to rival European imports.
Hess Hess America offers customized lighting solutions with a sleek design for architectural modern public lighting.
Ilight iLight Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer and leader in innovative LED illumination solutions that transform, excite, and energize corporate identities and architectural environments worldwide. LEDs are the fastest-growing segment of the light industry today, and in five to ten years promise to bring the lighting world various new options to replace older and less energy-efficient technologies. Reimagine any space with flexible LED strip lights, factory bendable luminaires, and handrail lighting systems from iLight by Luminii.
Intense Established in 2001 and headquartered in Anaheim, CA, Intense Lighting believes in creating performance-driven luminaire families that provide exceptional value to customers. We offer specification and commercial grade lighting solutions to enhance the environments where people work, play & live.
Interact Did you know that your lighting can do more than just illuminate? With Interact, Signify’s portfolio of connected lighting software applications for the IoT, you can manage your connected lighting systems centrally and remotely. You can combine data collected from Interact systems with data from other connected systems, then analyze that data for actionable insights to create new business value.
JLC Tech JLC-Tech is based in Pembroke, Massachusetts and was founded in 2012 with the notion of creating unique and useful LED lighting fixtures. JLC-Tech’s vision is to design and produce lighting products utilizing LED technology, yet abandoning the tired and already overused standards for light fixture design that are at least three-decades old. JLC-Tech is dedicated to maximizing the energy saving qualities of LED’s and marrying them to a modern, creative and structurally interactive designs.
Keene Broad selection of reliable and affordable general purpose outdoor luminaires that are easy to install, long lasting and energy efficient.
Kirlin For more than a century, The Kirlin Company’s mission has been to lead the lighting industry by designing and manufacturing superior quality, high performance and innovative luminaires. Below is a capsule of its history, including many of the best-known innovations it has produced for the lighting industry.
Kreon kreon, purity in light gives you the opportunity to create the conditions that allow the beauty of architecture to surface.
Lamp We advise, we design, we produce and make your technical lighting projects possible. For more than 45 years, Lamp has maintained its essential commitment: to bring to life functional and customized solutions for our customers’ lighting challenges, adapted to any architectural project around the world. Lamp is work and attitude, we are Worktitude for Light.
Le Lampiste Le Lampiste de Beloeil Inc. has been manufacturing custom luminaries for over 45 years. We help you realize your projects by responding to your needs and technical specifications. All our production is done in Québec, Canada and over 90% is done in our factory. Thus permitting to control all facets of our production. Our quality control is next to none. We only use top quality materials in order produce lighting fixtures of your dreams.
Ledalite Explore the entire offering of Ledalite’s award-winning, inspiring, and innovative lighting solutions that allow specifiers to create a unique vision for commercial and institutional buildings.
Lekla LEKLA is a Canadian manufacturer specialized in solar energy, based in Magog, Quebec, that offers efficient low-carbon power solutions. Our patented innovations allow our customers to implement technological solutions beyond the areas served by the electrical grid/GSM.
Leviton Controls Leviton lighting control solutions bring innovative design and next-generation features to residential and commercial applications. Choose from distributed controls, daylighting controls, wireless controls, dimmers, fan speed controls, occupancy/vacancy sensors, relay panels, timer switches and more.
Leviton Lighting Everyday, Leviton is engineering possibilities that make the future happen, meeting the needs of today’s residential, commercial, and industrial customers globally. From electrical, to lighting, to data networks, and energy management, Leviton develops thoughtful solutions that help make its customers’ lives easier, safer, more efficient and more productive. Driven by its commitment to its customers, the ingenuity of its employees and the safety and quality of its products and solutions, with Leviton, the FUTURE IS ON.
Leviton Submetering A submeter conserves energy and reduces costs. Leviton VerifEye is a comprehensive line of submetering solutions designed for commercial, industrial, and residential electricity submetering, gas submetering and water submetering applications.
LightArt From the humble beginnings of their home kitchen to the 35,000 sq ft studio space in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, Ryan Smith and Ahna Holder began building LightArt in 2005. With their experience and background in architecture, they used resin to create large-scale, one-of-a-kind light fixtures.
Lightolier Environmentally-friendly, efficient indoor track and downlighting solutions that perfectly blend aesthetic and performance. With Lightolier you can confidently find the lighting solution to best suit your application and budget.
Litelab Litelab is an internationally renowned lighting manufacturer, specializing in museum-quality LED and replacement LED luminaires. Based in Buffalo, NY, Litelab operates globally, with participating factories on three continents and a worldwide network of sales agents. Litelab fixtures have been installed in six of seven continents, and can be seen in many high-profile architectural projects, including retail, museum, hospitality, residential and public spaces.
LLI LLI Architectural Lighting serves the design market with custom solutions for a wide variety of commercial and high-end residential applications.
Lumacell A leading brand of emergency lighting and exit signs in Canada, Lumacell products include architectural, commercial and industrial products to meet the highest requirements. Lumacell uses the latest technologies to maximize the efficiency of its environmentally friendly products designed and manufactured in Canada.
Lumec Lumec is a recognized leader in environmentally-sustainable decorative outdoor solutions and roadway lighting applications. We understand that light is an essential part of our lives, and that it gives life to our world. Light provides safety and security, and it lends atmosphere and style. As such, we are committed to producing dependable, high quality products that live in harmony with their surroundings.
Lumenpulse Founded in 2006 in Montreal, Canada, Lumenpulse designs, develops, manufactures, and sells a wide range of high performance and sustainable specification-grade LED solutions for commercial, institutional, and urban environments.
Lumentruss Lumentruss is a company specializing in light-emitting diode (LED) technology installed in aluminum profiles. Our Montreal-based company manufactures and distributes a wide range of LED lighting design products worldwide.
Lumenwerx At LumenWerx, our primary goal going forward – as it has been over the last two decades – is to respond to these opportunities with the next generation of luminaries. This entirely new product line represents the latest in LED technology paired with cutting edge optics, electronics and thermal management – available in recessed, surface and pendant mounted options.
Luminii Luminii’s unique approach to design and meticulous product construction is the cornerstone to delivering the very best lighting solutions to the market. We support our valued customers in realizing the full potential of light to make their spaces beautiful, experiential, and simply brilliant.
LuxLogic At Luxlogic, lighting is more than just illuminating an area. By harnessing the power of research-based design, we give spaces a consciously curated look and feel that brings them to life and subtly yet effectively enhances your mood and even increases productivity. Pair it up with energy-efficient quality and what you get is sustainable lighting solutions. This very philosophy has consistently empowered Luxlogic Lighting, a Canadian company, since its inception in 2015 at Vaughan, Ontario. Today, we cater to the whole of North America, providing customized LED lighting solutions to architectural and commercial industrial spaces such as shopping malls, sports facilities, learning institutions, hotels, car dealerships, restaurants, and the like.
MP Lighting MP Lighting specializes in manufacturing specification-grade architectural LED fixtures, as well as Low Voltage, Line Voltage, and Multi-Circuit Track Systems. Established in 1994, MP Lighting is a Canadian owned and operated company with headquarters in Vancouver, BC. Products are suited for commercial, institutional, industrial, hospitality, and residential applications.
Nordeon Nordeon USA offers products that are developed in Germany and made or assembled in the USA. Our products are distributed from our manufacturing facility in South Carolina. Nordeon USA maintains a large inventory to meet US standards and lead times. Our facility staff is experienced in the domestic market and ready to assist in any way. Independent sales representatives are located in local markets to serve our customers in the best way possible.
Nova Pole Nova Pole Industries has brought together the experience, imagination and customer service of a qualified team of professionals ready to serve the pole industry. We tailor our products to meet our customers’ needs rather than pushing a ‘one size fits all’ product line that leaves no room for versatility.
On Light Éclairage On Light is a high efficiency LED lighting product manufacturer. The quality and sustainability of the products was proven and acclaimed by renowned companies in the retail industry, the institutional, the industrial sector and more. Our products meet the highest standards and offer innovative and proprietary technologies.
PA-CO Pa-Co has a longstanding history of manufacturing custom and institutional specification grade luminaires for hospitals, cleanrooms, specialized medical clinics, nursing homes, behavioral health and correctional facilities, public spaces, schools, and transit. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and local testing laboratories allow us to design, produce and deliver top-quality products with all the options needed to fulfill most healthcare applications.
Pantheon Fast-growing supplier of outdoor lighting products for budget-sensitive commercial outdoor and area lighting applications and projects.
Philips Philips is the leading global brand in professional lighting. We provide high-quality energy efficient lighting products, systems and services.
Precision In great architecture we know details matter, and we apply this belief to the entire customer experience. With focus on the highest color quality, design esthetic, made-to-order craftsmanship, project follow-through, detailed labeling, and installation simplification, we are as invested in the result as the customers we work with.
RCL Remote Controlled Lighting (RCL) by Luminii is the pioneer of remote controlled motorized architectural spotlights. With over 18 years of experience and over 100,000 fixtures installed worldwide, the family-owned British company produces luminaires that are intelligent, reliable and efficient.
Schmitz Founded in 1932, Schmitz has a rich history and legacy in providing technologically superior design and custom lighting solutions for customers. Known as an architectural indoor brand for office, retail, and hospitality applications, Schmitz was acquired in December 2016 as part of the Nordeon Group, and then subsequently Experience Brands.
Selux Sophisticated lighting concepts that reflect the companys philosophy in every single detail enable each vision to become a reality. Behind our product families are construction kit principles: housing sizes, light units, and technologies are individually scalable so as to allow for complex requirements with a clear design.
Senso For more than twenty years, founder Rolf Hurbin has been dedicated to providing flexible, environmentally conscious lighting solutions. SENSO works directly with designers, architects, engineers, and clients to develop a range of fixtures for any design plan. With extensive experience in LED, SENSO offers modular technology, boards, RGB and flexible linear or linear boards–the right light, and the right fixture, for any space.
Signify Signify is the world leader in lighting. We provide professional customers and consumers with quality products, systems and services. And our connected lighting offerings bring light and the data they collect to devices, places and people – redefining what light can do and how people use it. Our innovations contribute to a safer, smarter more sustainable world.
Solera Solera Corp is a true architectural lighting manufacturer. From the design to manufacture, our hands-on approach enables us to control the whole process in-house. For over 20 years, Solera Corp has been analogous with Custom Architectural Lighting Innovations.
Structura From material to color, texture to finish. Our designs are timeless, and crafted to withstand the test of time in every setting — indoor, outdoor and the spaces in-between.
Technilum Our core business? Designing and manufacturing aluminum urban outdoor lighting furniture for public spaces and private projects.
Tungstene Tungstene is a Montreal-based studio specializing in the design and production of creative and sustainable handcrafted lighting fixtures. The company offers a wide range of adjustable products, including: ceiling lights, pendant lights, table and floor lamps, goosenecks and wall lamps.
Trulifi Trulifi by Signify is the perfect solution. It’s a range of LiFi systems, providing two-way wireless communication that provides consistent high-speed connectivity, unique physical security and has low latency for real time data streaming.
USI Utility Structures Inc. is an integral part of the Precast Group of Companies. In business for over 60 years, the group includes Central Precast Inc., M-Con Products Inc., and USI (Utility Structures Inc.). Each company has a specific market classification and manufactures and markets products for that sector. We at Utility Structures offer specialized services to the electrical industry. Our extensive and diverse line of concrete poles, underground structures and traffic security barriers allows us to meet the varying needs of a variety of customers. Given our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, highly qualified staff and decades of experience in the field, we’ve proven our capability to handle any job.
U Technology U Technology is focused on engineered lighting solutions. Business activities spans the North America. Our products are carefully designed to provide endless flexibility and limitless possibilities.
Visioneering Every part of a building serves a function, and Visioneering® luminaires deliver performance, quality illumination and personal control to enhance any space. From wireless controls to wellness solutions, Visioneering products are integrated with the latest technology. From a large selection of standard SKU’s, Visioneering products can be customized and configured to deliver the right lighting solution that meets your specific needs for projects of any size.
Vode Lighting Vode’s mission is not to make better lighting or even to sell more of it, although both of those are goals of ours. No, our mission is bigger than that. Our mission is one of transformation: to convert energy into its most efficient light forms, to invigorate architecture with minimalist lighting systems, and to inspire the people who work under our light to be their best. The approach we take towards product design demonstrates a bias for utility, simplicity and sustainability. We know that our products have consequences – in manufacture, in usage and afterwards, when their useful life has ended. So we work tirelessly to reduce their impact at every stage
Wagner Looking for railing lights for architectural applications of all sizes? Our Lumenrail® illuminated rail system uses a state-of-the-art, low-voltage LED light strip to enhance any stairway or walkway. Improve aesthetics and visibility with a lighted railing system that offers a versatile design. Long-lasting durability allows the Lumenrail lighting system to withstand high-traffic use, making it a perfect solution for any handrail configuration.
WILA WILA Lighting brings together innovative and highly engineered lighting solutions, flexible manufacturing, and an unrivalled commitment to customer-service. We work in partnership with clients, design teams and end-users and draw upon our extensive expertise to fulfil project design specifications. With a vast, cutting-edge, product portfolio, we can tailor our offering to meet the unique needs of every project, including customised or bespoke production if required.
XAL XAL USA produces luminaires and lighting systems for retail, office, hotel and residential spaces.
Xico XICO® Lighting is not your average lighting company. They are the type of organization where science and design are permanently intertwined – creating reliable, high performance lighting solutions that deliver exactly the right light for your project. We are setting a new Standard for lighting performance.
Zaneen Architectural Zaneen is specialized in 3 divisions Architectural, Design, and Exterior lighting solutions. Known across North America as a full service lighting .
Zaneen Design Zaneen is specialized in 3 divisions Architectural, Design, and Exterior lighting solutions. Known across North America as a full service lighting .
Zaneen Exterior Zaneen is specialized in 3 divisions Architectural, Design, and Exterior lighting solutions. Known across North America as a full service lighting.
Zaniboni Our lighting solutions are produced here in the USA, with our Italian culture of style and function, and bringing together a group of talented minds from around the world who love their craft, who value each others’ genius, and who enjoy a good laugh while sipping some of the finest espresso the world has to offer.

3D Printing

Create and personalize your decorative or functional lighting using our intuitive online configurator. By selecting the type, color, opacity, and texture, you have the power to shape a distinct identity, resulting in an unparalleled customer experience.
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