Pa-Co has a longstanding history of manufacturing custom and institutional specification grade luminaires for hospitals, cleanrooms, specialized medical clinics, nursing homes, behavioral health and correctional facilities, public spaces, schools, and transit. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and local testing laboratories allow us to design, produce and deliver top-quality products with all the options needed to fulfill most healthcare applications.


For more than a century, The Kirlin Company’s mission has been to lead the lighting industry by designing and manufacturing superior quality, high performance and innovative luminaires. Below is a capsule of its history, including many of the best-known innovations it has produced for the lighting industry.


Our holistic approach centers around a human-centric integrated lighting system, comprising four key strategies: lighting for healing, psychological comfort, circadian optimization, and staff performance. This approach champions eight essential concepts for healthcare lighting design, seamlessly blending with modern architecture. Healthwerx is founded on rigorous research, specifier expertise, and input from healthcare professionals.


Certolux luminaires specialize in Medical, Cleanroom, Vandal Resistant and Spray Booth applications that are extremely durable and built to withstand harsh environments. Our Medical luminaires are engineered for areas with many stringent requirements and fill multiple roles, like a combination of ambient and exam lighting. Cleanroom luminaires are designed to preserve air seals, prevent leakage of contaminants, and allow for easy maintenance. Vandal resistant luminaires incorporate several features that are suited for security facilities that endure abuse and tampering.