A leading brand of emergency lighting and exit signs in Canada, Lumacell products include architectural, commercial and industrial products to meet the highest requirements. Lumacell uses the latest technologies to maximize the efficiency of its environmentally friendly products designed and manufactured in Canada.

Leviton Submetering

A submeter conserves energy and reduces costs. Leviton VerifEye is a comprehensive line of submetering solutions designed for commercial, industrial, and residential electricity submetering, gas submetering and water submetering applications.


Hazardous lighting fixtures play a huge role in the safety, productivity and efficiency of any industrial facility. In addition to providing light, fixtures for these industries must address the unique challenges of hazardous environments.


Electec is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of building wiring and cabling systems. We offer simple, safe, reliable and economical alternatives covering a wide variety of commercial, institutional and industrial wiring.


Bodine designs and manufactures innovative emergency lighting solutions designed to meet your application needs. Products include emergency LED drivers, fluorescent emergency ballasts, emergency lighting inverters and generator-compatible devices.


At Armada, security in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors is our business, and when it comes to protecting your electrical and electronic investments, you can rely on our expertise.


Advance has a long standing tradition of being the name in quality and reliable lighting components. With drivers, modules, and ballasts all under the same brand, Advance offers the latest in lighting innovations to give you the features you are looking for. We invite you to learn more about what sets us apart and why we continue to be a leader in lighting components.